In The Know 2014 - Samsung Appliances - French Door Refrigerator - RF28HDEDBSR

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Tags: In, The, Know, 2014, Samsung, Appliances, French, Door, Refrigerator, RF28HDEDBSR, RH9000, Food, Showcase, 28, cu, ft, 3, Door, French, Door, Refrigerator, Stainless, Steel, The, Ice, Master, is, at, least, 1, 8, inches, narrower, than, previous, Samsung, ice, makers, which, opens, up, more, shelf, space, for, taller, groceries, such, as, bottled, beverages, Yet, you, won, t, be, short, on, ice, because, our, compact, ice, maker, yields, up, to, 8, 8, lbs, of, ice, per, day, much, more, than, conventional, models, So, whether, it, s, a, really, hot, day, or, you, re, throwing, a, party, there, will, always, be, enough, ice, to, go, around, The, RF28H, Samsung, Refrigerator, is, perfect, for, families, that, want, to, avoid, the, chaos, of, a, fridge, crammed, full, of, food, Its, fridge, within, a, fridge, design, optimizes, the, use, of, space, and, enables, faster, access, to, everything, you, need, Immediately, behind, its, French, doors, the, family, friendly, ShowCase, provides, clearly, defined, zones, for, frequently, used, foods, While, deeper, inside, large, and, longer, lasting, items, can, be, kept, fresher, in, the, InnerCase, Whether, you, have, a, large, family, or, simply, like, to, socialize, the, Samsung, 28, cu, ft, 3, Door, French, Door, Refrigerator, fits, your, needs, Our, new, refrigerator, has, dimensions, similar, to, conventional, models, yet, offers, the, larger, interior, space, How, is, this, possible, SpaceMax, Technology, Samsung, s, high, efficiency, insulation, enables, a, thinner, build, giving, you, extra, storage, space, You, re, going, to, need, a, larger, shopping, cart,
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