Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum Laundry - WTW8900BC Washer and WED8900BC Dryer

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Tags: Enhanced, Touch, Up, Steam, Cycle, Steam, refreshes, clothes, in, the, dryer, helping, to, reduce, wrinkles, and, odors, Clothes, go, from, lying, there, to, ready, to, wear, without, rewashing, An, innovative, Y, connector, draws, from, your, existing, water, line, with, no, need, to, manually, fill, a, reservoir, Quick, Refresh, Steam, Cycle, This, steam, cycle, uses, water, and, heat, to, relax, wrinkles, and, reduce, odors, from, clothes, in, just, 22, minutes, It, s, ideal, for, those, items, you, d, rather, not, rewash, Wrinkle, Shield, Plus, option, with, Steam, Help, keep, wrinkles, from, setting, into, your, clean, clothes, with, intermittent, tumbling, after, the, dryer, cycle, ends, The, process, lasts, for, up, to, 150, minutes, or, until, you, open, the, dryer, door, This, model, uses, the, added, benefit, of, steam, for, even, better, wrinkle, fighting, performance, Sanitize, Cycle, Provides, excellent, care, for, your, clothes, while, eliminating, 99, 9, of, three, common, household, bacteria, without, washing, Bacteria, tested, were, K, pneumonia, staphylococcus, aureus, and, P, aureginosa, Towels, Cycle, Provides, excellent, care, for, everything, from, beach, towels, to, washcloths, This, cycle, eliminates, three, common, household, bacteria, Bacteria, tested, were, K, pneumonia, staphylococcus, aureus, and, P, aureginosa, Delicate, Cycle, Cares, for, lingerie, and, other, delicate, fabrics, by, drying, them, at, a, low, temperature, Casual, Cycle, This, low, temperature, cycle, works, great, on, permanent, press, garments, and, synthetic, fabrics, Bulky, Items, Cycle, Dry, large, items, like, comforters, pillows, and, even, thick, down, jackets, with, this, cycle, Heavy, Dry, Cycle, This, cycle, sets, the, dryer, to, a, high, temperature, level, to, thoroughly, dry, heavyweight, items, like, towels, and, jeans, Quick, Dry, Cycle, The, Quick, Dry, cycle, dries, a, small, load, in, just, 15, minutes, Normal, Cycle, Dry, everyday, items, like, work, clothes, and, sheets, with, the, Normal, cycle, Quiet, Dry, Ultra, Noise, Reduction, System, Keep, operational, sounds, inside, the, dryer, and, out, of, living, areas, with, sound, absorbing, materials, around, the, dryer, drum, thanks, to, the, Quiet, Dry, noise, reduction, system, Estimated, Time, Remaining, LED, Display, Displays, the, estimated, time, remaining, in, the, cycle, counting, down, until, it, is, finished, Timed, Dry, Allows, you, to, run, the, dryer, for, a, set, period, of, time, to, help, synchronize, your, washing, and, drying, process, Adjustable, End, of, Cycle, Signal, Avoid, leaving, items, in, the, dryer, with, the, adjustable, end, of, cycle, signal, Thanks, to, a, helpful, tone, you, ll, know, when, your, dry, cycle, is, finished, You, can, even, adjust, the, volume, if, you, d, like, or, completely, turn, it, off, Interior, Drum, Light, Interior, drum, light, allows, you, to, see, inside, the, dryer, for, easy, loading, and, unloading, Reversible, Door, The, reversible, door, gives, you, the, flexibility, to, set, the, dryer, door, to, open, to, the, right, or, to, the, left, depending, on, what, best, suits, your, laundry, space, Designed, Engineered, and, Assembled, in, the, U, S, A, Whirlpool, dryers, are, built, with, American, pride, and, designed, engineered, and, assembled, in, the, U, S, A, 2014, Whirlpool, Cabrio, Platinum, 7, 6, cu, ft, HE, Dryer, with, Steam, Enhanced, Cycles, Whether, it, s, your, favorite, sweater, or, that, perfect, pair, of, jeans, you, can, keep, all, your, clothes, looking, and, fitting, great, with, the, Whirlpool, Cabrio, Platinum, dryer, Advanced, Moisture, Sensing, automatically, stops, the, cycle, when, everything, is, perfectly, dry, helping, to, prevent, overdrying, while, steam, enhanced, cycles, refresh, clothes, while, helping, to, reduce, wrinkles, and, odors, Now, clothes, can, go, from, lying, there, to, ready, to, wear, without, rewashing, This, dryer, also, makes, sure, you, can, dry, any, load, from, your, Cabrio, Platinum, top, load, washer, with, ease, thanks, to, 7, 6, cu, ft, of, capacity, When, paired, together, you, can, save, over, 3, 300, in, lifetime, energy, costs1, thanks, to, the, EcoBoost, option, with, Eco, Monitor, Care, Control, Temperature, Management, Adjusts, the, cold, and, hot, water, inlets, to, reach, temperatures, that, are, warm, enough, to, dissolve, detergents, Water, is, kept, from, overheating, to, help, reduce, shrinking, and, color, bleeding, while, saving, energy, 4, 8, cu, ft, Capacity, Wash, more, than, 3, baskets, of, laundry, in, one, load, The, washer, s, 4, 8, cu, ft, capacity, wash, basket, offers, enough, space, to, handle, larger, loads, and, bulky, items, Direct, Drive, Motor, The, direct, drive, motor, handles, larger, capacity, loads, enhances, the, spin, speed, for, improved, energy, savings, and, uses, fewer, moving, parts, so, there, s, less, wear, and, tear, over, time, EcoBoost, Option, with, Eco, Monitor, Get, additional, energy, efficiency, and, great, cleaning, performance, This, option, uses, less, hot, water, and, increases, the, tumbling, action, to, decrease, energy, use, while, still, delivering, great, cleaning, and, gentle, performance, You, can, even, track, the, energy, use, of, this, eco, friendly, option, with, the, Eco, Monitor, It, allows, you, to, see, how, the, cycles, and, options, you, choose, will, affect, your, overall, energy, savings, in, both, the, washer, and, the, dryer, EasyView, Frameless, Glass, Lid, with, Slow, Close, Technology, A, tinted, washer, lid, allows, you, to, look, inside, and, see, the, wash, action, while, the, load, is, in, progress, Unique, Soft, Touch, Impeller, The, unique, soft, touch, impeller, helps, move, clothes, gently, through, the, water, allowing, the, H2Low, wash, system, to, provide, better, cleaning, performance3, and, gentle, fabric, care, To, protect, fabrics, and, fibers, during, the, wash, cycle, a, specially, designed, material, fully, wraps, the, impeller, vanes, Smooth, Spiral, Stainless, Steel, Wash, Basket, The, stainless, steel, wash, basket, resists, odors, and, rust, and, features, a, spiral, design, for, greater, fabric, care, and, gentle, cleaning, performance, The, smooth, surface, helps, protect, delicate, fabrics, from, snagging, Sanitary, Cycle, with, Heater, The, Sanitary, cycle, with, Steam, and, Oxi, eliminates, 99, 9, of, common, household, bacteria1, Deep, Clean, Option, The, Deep, Clean, option, adds, increased, wash, action, and, extra, rinsing, to, help, break, down, deep, soils, Meets, CEE, Tier, 34, Standards, CEE, Tier, 34, standard, is, based, on, the, Consortium, for, Energy, Efficiency, qualifying, product, lists, Tier, 3, is, the, highest, efficiency, and, only, the, most, efficient, models, meet, it, making, this, one, of, the, most, water, and, energy, efficient, washers, you, can, buy, Visit, cee1, org, for, more, information, ENERGY, STAR, Qualified, ENERGY, STAR, qualified, models, exceed, government, standards, by, over, 20, to, help, conserve, natural, resources, and, save, money, on, your, utility, bills, Quiet, Wash, Ultra, Noise, Reduction, System, Keep, operational, sounds, inside, the, washer, and, out, of, living, areas, with, a, greater, level, of, sound, absorbing, materials, around, the, wash, drum, Allergen, Cycle, Remove, up, to, 95, percent, of, common, allergens, from, your, clothes, with, the, Allergen, cycle, Quick, Wash, Cycle, The, Quick, Wash, cycle, is, designed, to, clean, small, loads, rapidly, Estimated, Time, Remaining, Display, A, digital, display, on, the, console, counts, down, the, amount, of, time, left, in, the, cycle, so, you, can, always, know, when, it, s, time, to, remove, items, from, the, washer, Soak, Cycle, Choose, this, cycle, for, the, added, convenience, of, soaking, heavily, soiled, clothes, right, in, the, washer, Deep, Water, Wash, Cycle, Help, break, down, heavy, soils, and, eliminate, pretreating, with, the, Deep, Clean, Wash, cycle, It, allows, for, a, deep, water, wash, on, select, washers, Interior, LED, Light, The, wash, basket, is, illuminated, by, an, LED, lighting, system, that, uses, less, energy, than, traditional, bulbs, Clean, Washer, Cycle, with, Affresh, Deep, fill, the, washer, to, clean, even, those, areas, that, aren, t, normally, reached, by, low, water, wash, cycles, Add, an, affresh, Washer, cleaner, tablet, for, best, results, Cold, Wash, Cycle, The, Cold, Wash, cycle, uses, adaptive, wash, actions, together, with, a, concentrated, solution, of, HE, detergent, and, cold, water, to, gently, lift, stains, and, soils, from, fabrics, This, cycle, delivers, great, cleaning, while, protecting, fabrics, from, heat, damage, and, using, less, energy, Delicate, Cycle, Low, speed, wash, action, helps, you, take, better, care, of, delicate, fabrics, It, also, works, well, on, waterproof, items, like, shower, curtains, and, raincoats, Heavy, Duty, Cycle, Faster, spin, speeds, plus, the, Adaptive, Clean, wash, system, combine, to, remove, tough, stains, from, sturdier, fabrics, Active, Wear, Cycle, Provides, extra, care, for, performance, garments, like, running, and, biking, clothes, Towels, Cycle, Whites, Cycle, Bulky, Items, Cycle, Easily, cleans, larger, items, like, comforters, sleeping, bags, down, jackets, or, pillows, Delay, Wash, Option, Sets, the, wash, cycle, to, begin, up, to, 12, hours, later, so, you, can, take, advantage, of, non, peak, utility, rates, or, wash, at, a, more, convenient, time, Automatic, Water, Level, Settings, Regulates, the, amount, of, water, based, on, the, size, of, the, load, Only, the, amount, needed, to, clean, is, used, increasing, efficiency, and, helping, the, environment, 1, 100, RPM, Maximum, Spin, Speed, The, direct, drive, motor, provides, faster, spin, speeds, in, the, washer, to, remove, more, moisture, from, clothes, so, they, spend, less, time, in, the, dryer, Adjustable, End, of, Cycle, Signal, Avoid, leaving, clean, clothes, in, the, washer, with, the, adjustable, end, of, cycle, signal, Thanks, to, a, helpful, tone, you, ll, know, when, your, wash, cycle, is, finished, You, can, even, turn, it, off, Oxi, Dispense, Option, As, part, of, Precision, Dispense, Plus, this, option, distributes, oxygenated, additives, at, the, right, time, to, enhance, your, whitening, performance, and, help, remove, 10, different, everyday, soil, types, It, s, an, eco, friendly, alternative, to, bleach, that, helps, your, colors, and, whites, stay, brighter, longer, Whirlpool, Cabrio, Platinum, 4, 8, cu, ft, HE, Top, Load, Washer, with, Sanitary, Cycle, Give, your, clothes, the, care, they, need, with, the, Whirlpool, Cabrio, Platinum, top, load, washer, Adaptive, Wash, technology, automatically, senses, the, size, of, each, load, and, uses, the, right, amount, of, water, to, keep, colors, vibrant, wash, after, wash, With, Precision, Dispense, Plus, the, 4, 8, cu, ft, model, even, adds, detergent, bleach, and, other, additives, at, the, right, time, during, the, cycle, so, you, don, t, have, to, And, with, up, to, 11, adaptive, wash, actions, your, clothes, will, always, experience, the, perfect, combination, of, powerful, cleaning, and, gentle, fabric, care, while, the, Sanitary, cycle, with, Steam, and, Oxi, eliminates, 99, 9, of, common, household, bacteria,
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